Thursday, October 11, 2007

For katieo

And Kates... since I had my scrapbook out, this one's for you (and Kinz, Lees, & Monica if they're reading...)

Em, Katie, Kinz, & Lees... 1999
Kinzie, Katie, Lisa, Emily & Monica (Roommates at the Reeg)


Monica said...

Boy am I glad I decided to check in on your fantastic blog today!! Haha! Oh man, those were the days! Em, thanks so much for posting these awesome pics...brings back great memories. I can't wait 'til our next reunion!

Nick said...

Okay, this comment has nothing to do with your roommate blog, but I wanted to metion that I am very impressed with your blog. I am very impressed with the visual aestetics of the's cute, but that's not what my comment is about today. I am impressed with the fact that you have included links that link to things about what you're bloggin about. I am honestly very impressed! -Tami

katieo said...

ohmygosh I look SOOO hot in that first one.

(and the REEEEEEG! I loved seeing it again!)

Anonymous said...

Lila's gotten soo big and Zack and Abby are big too. I remember when they were just born and now they are walking and talking. I really like the picture of Lila smashing play doh into the rug.