Saturday, September 10, 2011


These pictures were listed in my "drafts" folder from February of 2008. I decided that I had to post them because they just made me laugh. This was a little party I organized right before Christmas of 2007. Lila had just turned 3 and Abby and Zack had just turned 1 (a few weeks earlier).

Johnny's aunt has a tradition of making gingerbread houses every Thanksgiving. Hers are AMAZING and one year we got to make them with her. It was so much fun that I have always wanted to imitate her. This was not my first attempt, but what makes me laugh is that this year I am decorating the house with TWO babies on my lap. And what is even more amazing is that as I look at this picture, I miss it. I miss those two babies. There were days when I NEVER thought I would say that!!
But it was oh so much fun. Even with my "helpers". Now these little people aren't so little anymore and I miss them. I miss them being so little and oh my do I ever miss those soft curls on my little boy.

Johnny even got in on the action. (Though I find it fascinating that he's not holding at least ONE of the kids. I like to think it is because I am still the favorite at this point... I have to enjoy it because it only lasted a little while!!)

After a few months (yes, I know... months!!) these houses had to go, so before they went into the trash I let the kids have a go at them. (Not sure where Abby was for all the fun... sleeping, maybe!)

 They were thrilled. (Though Zack was not quite SO thrilled with peppermint!!)

Often when I look back at those first few years after the twins were born and Lila was so little... it's all a little blurry in my memory. I remember the crying (by everyone) and the stress of having so many little ones, but I need to take more time to remember these good moments. Times when we were able to have fun and when I occasionally DID get things done (even if this blog post wasn't one of those things!) 

These are the memories I want to keep!!


katieo said...

"(Though I find it fascinating that he's not holding at least ONE of the kids."

aaahahaha! that made me laugh, Em. hilar.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE gingerbread houses. such fun memories.

Eliza said...

I remember making houses one year at your place in Belmont. Such good times, you're a doll, Em!

Cassi said...

this is the you I remember...and you were so good at it. Even when you were stressed you laughed and loved your little ones. You are such a good mom tried and true.