Sunday, September 11, 2011

Taking the Mountains for Granite...

When we were in Utah this summer the kids were understandably impressed with the mountains. One day as we were driving around we started to head home and Abby started crying because she hadn’t got to touch the mountain. I realized then, that they thought the mountains were like a building. You drive up to the edge of it and it just goes straight up in the sky like a skyscraper.
So Grandpa was kind enough to take the kids up and explore the mountains. We drove around and found a little river to let the kids play in.
2011-07-23 Moutain hike 002
It was cold. SOOOO cold. I think the kids were surprised because they are used to water feeling like the warm summer Atlantic ocean in Florida, not like freezing melted snow.
2011-07-23 Moutain hike 010
Don’t worry… they got over it quickly!
2011-07-23 Moutain hike 005
2011-07-23 Moutain hike 015
2011-07-23 Moutain hike 016
We even let them bring home a smooth river ROCK as a souvenir. They were totally stoked. Seriously.
2011-07-23 Moutain hike 003
And before it was all done they even got to touch that mountain…
2011-07-23 Moutain hike 034-2
You can be sure that it did NOT disappoint!!
2011-07-23 Moutain hike 033

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Tami said...

That is awesome. We take the mountains for granted, living so close to them. I think it is cute that Abby was so sad that she didn't get to touch the mountain.