Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Russtache Next Generation…

Every year at the beach all the Russ boys grow out their beards and then shave them into crazy patterns for their annual Russtache event. This year, Blake and Annalee decided to let everyone else get in on the Russtache action.
All 21 grandkids and some of the uncles with their Russtaches kids-5
Even Grandma got in on the action…
Liz & Emilykids-8
I think Zack was the most excited about his Russtache…kids-7
This is him SEVERAL hours later… still wearing the stache…kids-13
Zack & Brady
The Russtaches get better and better every year with crazy and unique designs.
This year I helped Johnny plan and execute his work of art…kids-4
We took our inspiration from Brandon’s “swirly” last year…

The Brothers Russ… Russtache 2011
Bryan, Robert, Johnny, Brandon, & Blakekids-10
until next year…


Marci said...

Seriously SO AWESOME> Promise me you'll never stop blogging about the Russtache contest every year. It provides lots of chuckles... at least halfway across the country. :)

Cassi said...

this is giving me the heebie jeebies....

emilyaaa said...

oh, the nastiness and the awesomeness that are combined in the russtaches!! i LOVE it! And i love ALL your posts. You are awesome, Em. Your sweet post about your grandma made me cry. I loved the poems and the sweet relationship you two had. your grandma could tell from a very early age that you were a pretty awesome person!!

I'm lovin' the recent surge of posts form the Russ clan! keep 'em coming!

katieo said...

I have to agree with emilyaaa. Please keep posting. Maybe like 12 times a day.

(what. Lila's in school now right?)

I have no words for the russtache contest.
no. words.

Heather said...

That is really disturbing.